4.30 for Android



The question and answer social network


Rate this App is the official app for the Q&A-based social network where users can find out more about their friends and acquaintances by asking them to answer all kinds of questions.

On the official app you can do pretty much the same as on the social network’s web client – that is, send questions from your user account or anonymously, and answer the questions you receive in your inbox.

As expected, users can manage their friends and contacts on the social network. You can find new friends, unfriend people, etc. Likewise, you can interact with them by letting them know you like their answers, or send 'gifts'.

The official app for lets you do exactly what you would expect from an official app: no more, no less. You'll be able to see your contact's activity, add images and gifs to your answers, record video-responses with your Android device, and of course, receive push notifications every time you get a question.